Whitepaper: From Database Administrator to Data Steward – Why Companies Must Upgrade In-House, Operational DBAs

Data is perhaps the most important strategic asset in your organization – and your customers, employees and partners expect it to be available and accessible all day, every day, when, where and how they need it. Today’s DBA needs to prioritize managing round-the-clock critical functionality, addressing increasingly expanding volumes of data and consulting with end-users to design new applications. The concept of the “traditional” DBA is dead – DBAs are now data stewards. Your team isn’t merely on call – they’re on demand. But low-level, day-to-day tasks – the maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting and patching – distract from that. And that’s bad for business. That’s why many CIOs are shifting to outsourced or managed service solutions to handle the basic-but-critical tasks that suck up unnecessary resources, time, and money. With a trusted partner handling database management, your team can focus on what matters most – keeping your business up and running efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.

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