Get true, reliable 24×7 remote DBA services across all major database platforms without the expense or headache associated with managing and staffing your own data center. By configuring the level of DBA service you need, Data Intensity is able to help you address the issues of:


24 X 7 database administration ensures that your database is always available and highly accessible.


Whether you need just a little supplemental coverage or full time resources, our service immediately scales with your needs.


Specialized database administrators don’t come cheap. Leverage Data Intensity to lower your DBA cost.

Customer Success Story

A Fortune 500 manufacturing company was rapidly developing and rolling out e-commerce web sites for numerous brands. They needed to rapidly augment the Oracle expertise of its current staff to assist with the architecture, design and migration of these database systems. And to ensure system availability for the e-commerce databases as the new sites were pushed into production.

The customer’s internal technical support staff was busy supporting other projects and organizations within the company and could not devote the resources to provide ’round the clock infrastructure monitoring and management.

A comprehensive solution was required to meet immediate needs – cost-effective 24×7 data infrastructure support and skilled technical professionals with Oracle expertise. Learn more.

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