Oracle 12c Multitenant and Future: Beginner to Advanced

Wednesday, December 14th
11:00am ET / 8:00am PT

Oracle 12.2 database is going to simplify the way organizations move to the cloud. With all new multitenant architecture and dual format in-memory database technology, 12.2 provides an efficient database platform with a better administrative ability to scale in the cloud.

Join Data Intensity’s Oracle Ace, Anuj Mohan, as he walks through enhanced key features of Oracle 12.2 and Oracle multitenant. In this webinar, Anuj will cover:

  • CDB/PDB Introduction and Concepts
  • Shared / Exclusive components
  • Accessing CDB’s/PDB’s
  • PDB – Explanation of Value (EOV)
  • Refreshable PDB, hot clone, and Relocate
  • SGA ,PGA and I/O for PDBs
  • Lockdown profiles
  • Application containers

Data Intensity is the largest independent provider of Oracle managed and cloud services in the world. More organizations are turning to us to help them get the most out of their Oracle investments.

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