Leaving DBA problems to your competitors

Every day IT leaders are faced with a growing number of unique problems related to managing their database environments. Some have a need for 24×7 coverage, while others are trying desperately to reduce resource fatigue or increase the level of their available expertise. Some need full-time remote DBA monitoring and management and others need a fractional supplement to their current resource structure.

Of course, all of them are trying to manage ever-increasing DBA costs.

So it should come as no big surprise that a growing number of CIOs and executives are finding it to be far more effective to offload traditional operational database support tasks by employing DBA management services. No problem.

Imagine if you had a scalable service that could grow along with your data demands, taking on many of the non-differentiating, data infrastructure management activities that would otherwise tie up highly priced data professionals. This could allow for your internal resources to be redeployed to take on more high-value roles and responsibilities.

Here are just three examples of how DBA management services can help to solve your DBA problems:

  1. Focus on strategic business initiatives. DBA management services enable organizations to offload more onerous or routine administrative tasks, freeing up DBAs to expend more time and energy to help business users better leverage data for their applications. Such services enable IT executives to tackle strategic, high-value data projects that grow the business. For example, organizations can free up their resources to work on business intelligence, analytics and big data initiatives.
  2. Predictable, controllable costs. A DBA management service assumes the “commoditized” tasks that consume considerable time and energy among DBAs on staff. Outsourcing these capabilities will cost far less than having on-site staff maintain the same levels of database administration.
  3. 24×7 data availability. DBA management services provide continuous and consistent service. Companies cannot afford to suffer a long-term and potentially costly database outage, and gone are the days where they can get by on a night and weekend pager response. Often, enterprises are swamped when major technical problems or spikes in activity hit, and will struggle to effectively cope with growing data volumes and complex usage and management when their DBA staff is consumed with addressing mundane technical issues.

Whatever your DBA problem, DBA management services will not only enable you to continue to manage and enhance your own IT operations, they can also free up resources for you to invest in higher value activities that represent strategic differentiation, leaving the problems to your competitors.

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