Sourcing Services

Gain savings from a standardized sourcing system

Adopting sourcing best practices means viewing procurement as a unified system of processes that return the most value when they are consistent, controlled and accountable. When the people, processes and technology you rely on for sourcing fully support best practices, you can manage your portfolio of supplier spend efficiently and achieve the following gains:

  • 18% average savings on negotiated contracts
  • 40% reduction in cycle time
  • 25% increase in buyer efficiency
  • 100% repeatable, standardized sourcing processes

A proactive sourcing solution simplifies the complexities of contract negotiation and renewal – and helps you avoid unfavorable terms in multi-year contracts by providing guidance and insight throughout the process. The best way to ensure that a sourcing solution will deliver on your expectations is to partner with a company that can provide both the technology and procurement-domain expertise.
Data Intensity’s Enrich Sourcing Services automates all types of sourcing, including RFI, RFP and eAuctions, to increase efficiency and provide organizations with control, insight and visibility throughout the entire process. Our sourcing services are backed by decades of experience and include:

  • Extensive sourcing and category expertise
  • Process templates and reports
  • Seasoned experts in both the technology and sourcing domains
  • Training and supporting for both your company and your suppliers throughout the process
  • Solutions built on Oracle platforms – deployed as SaaS, on-premises or in a hybrid model

Contact us with questions about improving procurement sourcing services and our capabilities to help meet your objectives.