Procurement Analytics

Control costs and compliance across all phases of procurement

You can identify cost-saving opportunities as well as spending that is out of compliance with policies and contracts only if you have access to complete data, sophisticated analytics and a comprehensive view of your entire procurement system. The fastest and most effective way to gain this level of insight is by leveraging a solution that helps you analyze, manage and control all spending and procurement processes organization-wide. Comprehensive visibility into procurement processes across your organization means you can optimize control and compliance. The key to a high level of insight and control is a Procurement Analytics solution that delivers:

  • Standardized methods
  • Automated processes
  • Insight into spending from multiples angles
  • Analytics that rapidly identify issues and find opportunities to reduce costs
  • Interactive reports that combine the big picture with drill-down for investigating details

Data Intensity’s Enrich Procurement Analytics offers you the procurement and technology expertise you need to extend control over all phases of procurement – allowing you to oversee contract compliance, proactively identify and correct issues such as supply problems, and minimize wasteful spending. With Procurement Analytics you can:

  • Anticipate supplier problems by pinpointing potential supply chain interruptions
  • Ensure fact-based decisions by providing you an unambiguous version of the truth in a single dashboard that aggregates data across your organization
  • Measure and improve KPIs with accurate data and thorough analysis
  • Improve procurement performance through continual assessment and analysis

Procurement Analytics provides visibility and insight across end-to-end procurement processes. The solution offers these advantages:

  • Custom implementation aligned to your goals and needs
  • Seasoned experts in both the technology and procurement domains
  • More accurate actionable data via analytics and reports
  • Metrics to help assess progress and plan improvements
  • Solutions built on Oracle E-Business Suite platforms – deployed as SaaS, on-premises or in a hybrid model

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