Database Management Use Cases

At Data Intensity, our clients span a wide range of industries, and they come to us to help them solve an equally diverse set of business and technical challenges. Below is just a sample of those use cases:

Use Case: Transition and Upgrade Tasks Awarded to Functional Service Desk

Company: A Leading Manufacturer of Refrigerated Food
Overview: “One of the important contributions of the Functional Service Desk comes from removing our business analysts and super users from the day-to-day maintenance of EBS. ” – Director, IT

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Use Case: Better Decision Making Improves Profits

Company: One of the World’s Largest Manufacturers
Overview: “We could not be more pleased with the results attained, the business process improvements realized and – most importantly – the strong partnership achieved. And we are positively impacting expenses, efficiency and organizational culture in the process.”


A division of one of the world’s largest manufacturers wanted to integrate its internally developed vehicle planning application with financial information, which would allow for “what if” scenarios to measure profitability.

Data Intensity developed a “profit analysis” application that gave the client much greater visibility into the expected profitability of any planned manufacturing mix. The new application cut the production plan modeling cycle time by 75 percent and enabled rapid “what if” analysis capabilities for better decision-making and improved profits.

Data Intensity also assisted in the evaluation and selection of an industry-leading optimization engine to be used in a new application, providing planners the ability to generate the optimized monthly production plan. The new application positioned the client to replace its current set of standalone production planning applications. Once in production, the new planning application is expected to generate several million dollars in incremental profits. The company is now looking at how the new solutions can be leveraged in other global markets.

Use Case: Achieves e-Commerce Excellence through Data Management

Company: A Division within a Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company
Overview: The customer, a division within a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, was rapidly developing and rolling out e-commerce web sites for numerous brands using Oracle database servers running on UNIX and Windows platforms. The customer needed to rapidly augment the Oracle expertise of its current staff to assist with the architecture, design and migration of these database systems. In addition, ongoing, responsive support would be required to ensure system availability for the e-commerce databases as the new sites were pushed into production.


Business Challenge

The need for effective data management continues to expand as e-commerce databases increasingly handle more transactions at high speeds. The customer’s internal technical support staff was already using standard tools to perform general data infrastructure monitoring activities for the Oracle environment. However, the support capabilities of these tools were limited and did not interface with UNIX.

The customer’s internal team was busy supporting other projects and organizations within the company and could not devote the resources to provide ’round the clock infrastructure monitoring and management – they were pulled in so many different directions that they were unable to provide the level of responsive support that the project demanded. Due to time and budget constraints, the customer wanted to avoid growing the Oracle skills internally or hiring additional full-time staff or contractors. As a result, a comprehensive solution was required to meet immediate needs – cost-effective 24×365 data infrastructure support and skilled technical professionals with Oracle expertise.

Data Intensity Solution

Data Intensity’s Continuous Services Assurance (CSA) solutions leverage the ONguard platform, which integrates the most advanced technology, automation, best practices, and architecture. The service proactively monitors and manages the data infrastructure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The customer relied on Data Intensity’s Oracle expertise to meet the critical monitoring and interfacing requirements for the project.

As the new web sites went into production, Data Intensity detected potential problems in the Oracle environment and performed the necessary corrective actions to ensure high reliability and responsiveness to business needs.

Use Case: National Retail Chains: Active Monitoring Ensures System Availability Nationwide

Company: A Major National Retail Chain
Overview: As one of the nation’s largest retailers, the customer’s business-critical systems spanned hundreds of stores located in nearly every state in the U.S. The company standardized its in-store systems on a SQL Server platform. Continuous availability of these systems was critical to processing sales transactions, but system crashes were occurring regularly and without warning.


Unexpected downtime was slowing in-store operations, reducing sales and causing the IT staff to operate in a perpetual mode of “fire fighting” to resolve system outages.

Business Challenge

In today’s retail industry, sales processing demands nonstop system availability. Every second of unexpected downtime results in lost revenue. The customer’s executive management team planned to quickly implement a data infrastructure monitoring and management strategy to ensure continuous system uptime for all stores. But due to time and budgetary constraints, growing the solution and support internally was not an option – it would have required buying, installing and supporting new infrastructure monitoring technology, plus hiring and training additional personnel to manage the environment. The company required a viable alternative that produced fast time-to-value.

Data Intensity Solution

Data Intensity implemented its Continuous Service Assurance (CSA) solution with its ONguard platform to proactively support the customer’s in-store database systems on a 24×7 basis. With Data Intensity, the customer gained database administration services for SQL Server.

Data Intensity’s integration of focused expertise, advanced technology and embedded best practices in a rich automation platform ensured nonstop availability and peak performance of the environment. The customer’s executive team was also able to leverage Data Intensity’s web-based status reports to keep a watchful eye on each store’s critical systems in real-time.