Analytics Use Cases

At Data Intensity, our clients span a wide range of industries, and they come to us to help them solve an equally diverse set of business and technical challenges. Below is just a sample of those use cases:

Use Case: Sales Prospecting

Company: Publishing House and Media Company
Overview: The company maintains countless sources of structured and unstructured data all containing information about its subscribers and viewership — information that includes everything from basic contact information, to areas of interest, to page view information, and more. Unfortunately, that data is maintained in such a way that the sales organization can’t use it to drive new sales opportunities. The leadership team has approved an initiative to address the problem, but they understand they lack the in-house expertise and resource capacity to take this on. That’s when they turned to Data Intensity and Analytics1.

Use Case: Transportation and Logistics Management

Company: Financial Institution
Overview: The firm makes a large volume of deliveries via truck each day to a long list of regional banks and their individual branches — in fact, some trucks often make multiple deliveries to a given brand in a single day simply because of a lack of information or insight into what has been delivered to date or when the next anticipated delivery will be. Unfortunately, this inefficiency was costing the firm millions of dollars over the course of a year. Their goal was to consolidate the number of deliveries to one per branch by day. They thought they could do this by building and implementing a visualization-based reporting system that would help them communicate delivery status with the trucking company — this would require the development of the reporting tool, plus architecting the data and creating a datamart to feed those reports. The challenge was in how to turn that goal into a reality without the in-house expertise and technical resources available to design and implement such a system. Data Intensity and Analytics1 helped turn that vision into a reality in no time.

Use Case: Customer Retention

Company: Mid-market Technology Company
Overview: The company noticed a decline in license renewals and an increase in customer attrition over the past 12 to 18 months — with no reasonable explanation for the trend. And given that their customer data sits across a host of disparate systems, identifying any sort of pattern — software version, number of trouble tickets, partner involvement, etc. — is difficult. It is also almost impossible to look for warning signs and prevent a customer from going elsewhere before it’s too late. They needed a set of dashboards and reporting tools that canvassed these systems and delivered a visual representation of what’s going across the customer base, and where the potential issues might sit. However, the company maintains a small IT staff that is already at capacity with the implementation of other systems — and they also don’t they have the analytics expertise to build such a system. For that reason, the CIO enlisted Data Intensity and its Analytics1 service to help solve the problem.

Use Case: Increased Visibility into Customer Collections Issues

Company: Large Investor-Owned Electric Company
Overview: “We know more than ever about what’s going on with our customers and their accounts! The field loves this tool. It is so much better than what we were using. Before, all we had were gut feelings – now we have the proof, backed up by hard data.”


Our client was one of the largest investor-owned electric companies in the United States, serving millions of customers in multiple states involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The client needed assistance with developing a solution to analyze and resolve a decades-old collections problem. The issue was beginning to negatively affect the company’s credit rating and earnings per share numbers, which was damaging to shareholder confidence – so senior management needed a solution as quickly as possible.

By leveraging their existing Microsoft SQL Server and Excel, Data Intensity built a data mart and front-end application that provided data to the credit and collections team. The data mart increased visibility into customer collections issues. The client now has the ability to analyze data from different perspectives with more detail, providing more relevant data to senior management and to investors. The streamlined solution saved significant amounts of time (one hour vs. two days) and increased productivity, giving the credit and collections team the ability to input and analyze data much more quickly and accurately than before.

Use Case: 24/7 Access to Financial Reporting Tools Reduced Analysis Time

Company: Large Multi-State Utility Company
Overview: “The bottom line is that users now have a common language and 24/7 access to high-powered financial reporting tools. The time needed for planning and budgeting is drastically reduced, and everyone in the organization has access to real-time data to help with their decision-making for today, tomorrow and in the future.”


A large multi-state utility company focused on natural gas and electricity wanted to create a financial data mart that could improve productivity and user satisfaction. The goals were to eliminate existing inefficiencies with the current reporting system and enable timely access to accurate information for employees.

Data Intensity facilitated a two-day alignment session with key stakeholders to determine current and future business needs. Armed with that information, Data Intensity created a data mart that brought together data from multiple sources. Consolidating all financial data into a single source made the information more reliable – reports were accurate, customizable and much easier for employees to work with.

The client also saw a less constrained infrastructure by moving reporting off the business operating systems, which were not designed for a high volume of inquiries. Users gained 24/7 access to financial reporting tools which minimized the time needed for planning and budgeting, leaving more time for analyzing results. This provided the client with a hands-on, real-time data management tool to help with decision making today, tomorrow and in the future.

Use Case: Increased Productivity Leads to Increased Revenue

Company: A Non-profit Clinic
Overview: “Data Intensity has demonstrated its ability to meet the requirements and needs of our business where other vendors have failed. Their approach has proven essential in providing a solution that met our needs and was delivered on time and on budget.”


A non-profit clinic had an old, slow system that caused clinicians to spend more time on administrative tasks than visiting with patients – that resulted in lost productivity and delayed billing, which ultimately hurt their bottom line.

The client wanted a system that would help the organization’s front-line team improve efficiency and application functionality to ensure appropriate prioritization and timely completion of administrative tasks.

Data Intensity worked with the organization’s business leaders to prioritize a list of 20+ enhancements that would improve productivity and create system features that would streamline and standardize processes. The upgrade reduced system response time from minutes to seconds, and provided improved user navigation.

Clinician productivity increased – which allowed them to see more patients and, ultimately, changed the way they go about their daily jobs. This increase in productivity resulted in increased revenue for this non-profit organization.