At Data Intensity, our customers are our top priority, bar none. Everything we do is based on a CustomerFirst™ methodology and business model that ensures the success and satisfaction of every customer with whom we engage. In addition to our expertise and quality of service, we are committed to driving excellence through:

  • Flexibility: Everything we do is based on the individual needs of each and every customer. Our business model was designed with flexibility, scalability and simplicity in mind – from contracts to pricing, to communications and engagement tools.
  • Readiness: With the around-the-clock needs of our customers in mind, we’ve built a 24x7x365 service model, including monitoring, automated ticketing, reporting, SLAs, and a wide range of additional support services and tools to ensure that we always keep you up and running, no matter when and no matter what.
  • Consistency: Each Data Intensity customer has a dedicated service team that lives and breathes their account as if they were their employees. We take your business personally, and we have purposely designed an account service model that ensures consistency of service and communications to deliver a level of trust and partnership that is unmatched.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask our customers, like DJO Global, Sunflower Electric Power, Haemonetics, and Hologic just to name a few. We have the best retention record in the industry, and we’re welcoming new customers into the fold every day… all because we put our customers first.