Collaborate 15: Patch Wizard

Very useful session (Proactive Best Practices for EBS Patching) from Oracle’s Advanced support experts David Heisler and Willam Burbage.

Proactive Best Practices for EBS Patching

Really informative and focused on Patch Wizard functionality. I would like just to highlight one function that is requested by our customer all the time when we complete PPA (Pre-Patch Analysis): “What the functionality will be affected and where we have to go to test it?” – Patch Wizard Impact Analysis shows you all responsibilities, navigation path and files names impacted by this particular patch. Of cause main question in this case “How to let functional SMEs to generate this analysis report themselves?” and new Patch Wizards allows to create “read-only” responsibility – just to run this report. Very practical functionality to avoid extra pressure on DBA team :)

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