Collaborate 15: Meet the experts — EBS Techstack

It was my favorite format for sessions — live conversation with Oracle’s experts. Elke Phelps, Lisa Parekh, Max Arderius – they are gurus in EBS Techstack.

Meet the experts — EBS Techstack

There’s a lot of questions from the audience, but I’ll focus just on a few of them:

12.2 online patching: Yes — after so many month of repeating a mantra (yes — I did it weekly :)) about mandatory factor for 2 editions (run and patch) — now we can do rm -rf for patch edition: Just after AD.C.6, for non-production only, and rapid clone does not support it (you need to create patch edition and delete it LATER! :)). But we can survive with all those limitations, and reduce  DBA hours (may be 3 times less) for trivial non-prod patching.

OAM implementation for 12.2: Oracle does not recommend to change OID to OUD for EBS 12.2. Also currently AccessGate and WebGate are coming withing EBS Techstack (WLS) installation to simplify  initial configuration.

Possibility to do 11i to 12.2 upgrade within a regular weekend: Oracle’s answer – “it depends” :) (I completely agree by the way). But DI already did bunch of upgrades within a long (3 days) weekend (next one will happen at Apr 17 — good luck — Artyom!). And our answer — yes — we can (hmm — sounds too familiar :))

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