Business Analytics Alignment and Assessment

Your business relies on responding quickly to changing information. Without the latest and most complete data and the best analytics available, you can’t be sure you have the insight and forecasting accuracy you need when you need it. An analytics assessment and improvement roadmap enhances your business’s agility and competitiveness by giving you a plan for improvements to decision-making processes, organizational readiness and the supporting technology framework. Using a proven collaborative process, our experts work with your business leaders to develop an attainable, multi-phase roadmap for expanding the reach and value of analytics. Our analytics alignment and assessment methodology, which includes a review of our Analytics Maturity Model, provides key reports and plans, including:

  • Your Current State of Analytics Maturity (based on the Data Intensity Analytics Maturity Model)
  • Current State Conceptual Data Model
  • Data Quality Issues Report
  • Reporting and Performance Metrics Inventory
  • Analytics Opportunities Inventory
  • Custom Roadmap for Analytics Improvements

Well-designed business analytics expedite decision-making, reduce errors and guesswork, and foster strategic consensus among executives and stakeholders.

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