An Intelligent Approach to Business Intelligence: Part Two

In part one of “An Intelligent Approach to Business Intelligence” we shared some insight into the challenges of capturing, understanding and leveraging data. Now, let’s take a look at a business intelligence approach that uses the latest reliable infrastructure offered within computer, network, and communications technology.

Creating a Culture

When thinking about business intelligence and analytics systems, it is important to understand that they are not solely for decision making. Business intelligence is a culture that needs to be supported much the same way a company’s benefits program, a quality program, or internal organizational development program would be supported. If it is labeled an “IT project,” it will act and look like an IT project to the IT and user organizations.

Aligning the Team

In order for a business intelligence initiative to succeed, organizations need a strong “executive user” of the information as well as a strong key metrics culture (KMC) that is supported by the leadership of the organization.

Executive sponsorship, cooperation with the existing IT organization and access to key knowledge workers that can assist in defining the data requirements are crucial from an internal sponsorship perspective.

Choosing a Business Intelligence System

When selecting a business intelligence and analytics system, we recommend working with a vendor that will:

  1. Create a complete business strategy for business intelligence within the enterprise, division or department
  2. Survey end-users and document their initial requirements
  3. Conduct a holistic analysis of the data sources and feeds
  4. Require minimum interaction with the internal IT group
  5. Involve business users in determining UI design and the data that will be accessed

Analytics1 from Data Intensity

Data Intensity’s Analytics1 is a complete, outsourced analytics service. Recent improvements in cloud-based server technology, browser-based visualization tools, and new emerging “Application Service Provider” hosting platforms are now affordable, reliable, and available. With this unified solution, large amounts of user data can reside in a highly secure and available fashion.

Our “plug and play” approach means no servers, no licenses, no build or operational personnel and no capital expenditures. Instead we allow your team to focus on your core business, while we provide the service to making data meaningful!

To learn more view our webinar, “Do you know what it takes to be a more data driven BI organization?”

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