100 Pounds of Stale Corn Flakes

We have all felt our jaws drop in a warehouse store. “So cheap! For so much!”  Even when you know you don’t need an entire pallet of corn flakes, the temptation to buy is almost irresistible. Then the scout jamboree gets canceled and buyer’s remorse sets in. Suddenly you’re online searching for corn flake recipes and saying, “Never again.”

For years, firms have bought IT outsourcing the same way—committed to peak usage and to get the best rate. Once dozens of offshore sourcing options opened up, we bought in bulk just because it was all so cheap.  We reasoned that it was better than adding staff one at a time, a process that’s only become harder in recent years, from an operations and administrative perspective. The catch is that our plans have a way of changing, leaving those same firms with a problem on their hands: human resources that don’t match the work of the moment. Not unlike a pallet full of cornflakes for a breakfast that has just been canceled.

It’s a lesson we all learn at some point: It’s not a real bargain if what you’re buying isn’t what you need. Responsible spending means ensuring alignment between cost and usage. There are really three elements to consider in selecting an IT solution: Coverage, Capacity, and Cost. internet safety statistics Being effective at all three of these means maximizing pricing advantage without locking in commitments which ends up peaking usage while keeping cost low.

That kind of control requires understanding what your real needs are. One way of examining this is to ask: How is your firm doing? A lot of firms look at utilization—and it’s important, no doubt. But, if you’re not measuring utilization, you don’t have a real understanding of what it takes to support your infrastructure. my pc ip address . Your utilization numbers will tell part of the story, but not all of it. 100% utilization isn’t phenomenal if the resources are not being utilized correctly.

How often do you find yourself looking outside your ongoing support solution for expertise? If you’re going to platform and middleware support technicians regularly, you are solving a knowledge problem in the most expensive way possible.

How long does it take to get approvals and budget in place? Even if hiring is an option, struggles obtaining labor in a tight market means delays, with real and opportunity costs attached.

To manage these complexities, select a strategic partner, who demonstrates both breadth and attentiveness. They need to be responsive to your needs and able to rally skilled professionals across the range of your most prominent technologies. Finding the right mix of staff, dedicated consultants, 24-hour service providers, and readily available experts is an art. True, a good chef can work with almost anything—but the answer isn’t to keep finding better chefs or recipes. The answer is actually much simpler.

Stop buying corn flakes—or at least do it one box at a time.

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